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a white man married to a North American Indian woman

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De Mille began his long association with Hollywood when he went there in 1913 and directed The Squaw Man (1914), one of the first feature - length movies ever made.
DeMille converted an old barn near rural Los Angeles to shoot "The Squaw Man," the Deutsche Bioscop company was already building its first glass-roofed studio on a plot of land outside Berlin that was to become the Babelsberg studios.
The Squaw Man, made in 1914 and regarded as the first full-length feature film, proved a huge success spawning The Squaw Man's Son three years later.
White Eagle (1927) was a musical version of Edwin Milton Royle's <IR> THE SQUAW MAN </IR> (1905) for which Hooker supplied the book and lyrics, as he did for Through the Years (1932), based on A.
DeMille, who cast him as Little Hall in the second version of "The Squaw Man.
DeMille shoots scenes for ``The Squaw Man,'' the first major motion picture filmed in the United States.
lt;IR> THE SQUAW MAN </IR> (1906), one of the most successful plays of its day, showed Royle's interest in absolute realism.
leased the barn for $250 a month to make ``The Squaw Man,'' the first, feature-length western filmed in Hollywood.
He had hopped a train from New York to Arizona with a film company to film ``The Squaw Man.