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short and thick

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For the uninitiated, the Squatty Potty is a specially engineered toilet stool, which, according to the company's website, "is easy to use and highly effective in positioning the colon for effortless bowel movements.
For some reason, we're all standing by the outhouse where the squatty potty is backed up.
Chino describes his best friend, Sapo, as if he had stereotypical African American features: "He was strong, squatty, with a huge mouth framed by fat lips, freaking bembas that could almost swallow you" (Quinonez 2000: 1).
Sciurus ignitus has a very rounded, squatty skull with a rostrum that seems disproportionally short, whereas S.
The original kitchen, "typical of that building, had white paneled cabinets under a squatty ceiling and a teeny-tiny island, and it was closed off from the rest of the apartment," says Scalzo.
As we climbed into the squatty elm, I knew it was going to be a rather =pleasant sit due to a wind-chill in the lower teens.
Conversely, pop-up cover is plentiful: scrubby shin oaks, ground-hugging cedars and tall CRP grass, with occasional thickets of squatty elm, hnekberry and wild plum it's in such habitats that pop up blinds really shine
On low-to-the-ground end tables, I'm most likely going to aim for something squatty which is balanced with the proportion of the table and its nearby seating.
Constipation is the Leading Ailment among Squatty Potty Users
There are the squatty, utility types, regular row crop with taller tires, and the more rare high crop models.
Some would think that a toad would be a similar squatty amphibian-type bait.
After a pregnant woman was given the information about some possible body posture during labor a woman in childbirth was conceded a right to choose: labors in lithotomic position (supine posture) were delivered in 37 women, in sitting posture (semisitting, in squatty posture)--in 23, and in standing posture (standing while leaning on the table or the back of the bed)--in 27.
It's a squat toilet, called squatty potties by one of our former guides; Sophie has come to scorn the fussiness of western toilets, preferring the Chinese kind, so this is not the problem.
Also at Level Two is Squatty Potty, a four-minute examination of Chinese hygiene, from the troughs at the roadside "rest stops" to the Western-style facilities at the nicer hotels.
The Beat still manages to turn heads like when it was first launched (though people do not come to a dead stop and take a long hard look anymore) because of the striking design with its squatty, swooshy looks.