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short and thick

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George Urology, LLC, studied 153 men and women participants' constipation symptoms before and after use of the Squatty Potty toilet stool.
GEORGE, Utah -- The Squatty Potty, a toilet footstool leading the squatting movement worldwide, is alleviating suffering from constipation and helping improve colon health in Americans by changing toilet posture.
Digital Stories Ranked According to Levels of Observed Reflection Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Another Path Chopsticks and Brotherhood China's Walls The Pecking Order Lost in China Friend or Foe To China with Love My Unexpected China Music of the People Rice Paparazzi The Squatty Potty Story What China is Like Now?
If a bookmaker knows damn well there's not going to be a copper coin for diddly squatty in the third race at the 6-1 on his tissue (do these things exist anymore I wonder) go 8s, 10s, 12s or even 33-1.
Other low furniture such as platform beds have resulted in table lamps with squatty bases and tall shades.
I've often thought such baits emulate small sunfish or crappies because of their squatty profile, but I rarely see these species in the bellies of walleyes I clean--so maybe the bites are generated by the heavy vibrations.
In a squatty building in the shadow of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, marijuana devotees pack classes at the unique trade school that teaches students how to grow and process marijuana, use the drug in baked goods and manage medical-marijuana dispensaries.
Cycads, which Dalton describes as looking "like squatty palms," grow little bumps as cyanobacteria condos.
Cinderella' is squatty and pink while 'Lumina' is round and white, and 'Fairytale' provides yet another unusual color choice with its brownish pink hues.
Taunton positions a portrait head of the evangelist on a dark squatty stylised body that combines several African figure styles.
True to live oak squatty form it tops out at only 58 feet and derives most of its 415 points from a massive bole 28 feet around.
At the time that seemed young, and then Squatty Scare used to squat those fuckers all over the place.
The G-II mixer, introduced in the mid-1980s, features a fatter, more squatty rotor providing greater torque capacity, an improved dust seal design, a narrower throat and improved cooling structures in the rotors and chamber.
Burro bananas are more squatty and squared in shape than common yellow bananas," according to Frieda's.
And yet we continue to condescend, with the bean counters pointing out which step the Russians did wrong, which pose was not held long enough--missing, in the chance to wag a finger, the forest for the twig--and the village explainers trotting out Cold War cliches for a new generation, nonsense like: Russians go from pose to pose; or, Russians do squatty preparations for pirouettes (not true anymore, but everyone does a noticeable prep when it's built into the score, even Balanchine dancers).