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sluggish square-tailed fish armored with tough bony scales

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Using both conventional and acoustic tag-recapture techniques, we examined the vulnerability of squaretail coralgrouper to fishing by examining spatial and temporal trends of tagged individuals at a single protected spawning aggregation site.
Squaretail coralgrouper appear highly vulnerable to fishing within and in areas immediately near the FSA site.
83 fish per hr per fisherman) and peak FSA abundance estimates for squaretail coralgrouper at KMS, only 250 fishing days at 6 h of fishing per day would be required to deplete the entire FSA, equivalent to only 36 fishermen fishing over 7 days.
corridors, several small groups of squaretail coralgrouper (5-10 individuals, presumably males) were observed moving southward along the reef between Peleng Channel and KMS and groups of up to 100 females (identification based on size and color) were observed moving in deeper water (20-30 m) toward the FSA during the spawning season.
For squaretail coralgrouper, longer residency times appear to increase the catchability of males.
2] for the KMS-based squaretail coralgrouper FSA is provided from recapture data that indicates short-scale (10-12 km) movement of individuals in relation to the FSA after spawning.
Rondeau said it was a shame I had come so far only to sit around the camp, why didn't I try the stillwater above the dam, there were some big squaretails under the spirea.