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Horton places the blame squarely in the lap of outgoing UNICEF director American Carol Bellamy, under whose leadership the agency is pushing HIV/AIDS, and the protection of children from violence, abuse, and discrimination, ahead of health concerns.
Under the artistic direction of Jean-Marc Bustamante and co-organized with Pascal Pique, this year's Printemps de Septembre, titled "In Extremis," was situated squarely within contemporary investigations of the image--artistic and otherwise.
With the spin-off of Neenah Paper and the previous sale of several other operations, K-C is now squarely focused on its core health and hygiene businesses.
I looked him squarely in the eye, a tad buzzed, and said, "Badlands--wanna go?
The anatomic root of the problem is an elongation of the eye as it grows, causing incoming light to focus in front of the retina, instead of squarely on it, explains Christopher J.
With the sufficient numbers of aircraft and other assets available during the last week in November 1941, it is hard to not place the blame squarely on their heads.
The agenda will squarely address changing information sources and technologies in support of research, development, test, and engineering programs.
Having seen and read a number of commentaries on Mel Gibson's new film, The Passion, including a lengthy interview with Gibson on EWTN--where he placed the value of his movie squarely in the realism of its violence--I was looking forward to the film as a sort of statement that real religion is still relevant, even in Hollywood.
Accompanied only by the throaty gymnastics of singers Manuel de la Malena and Javier Requena, who also clapped along with box-drummer Sudhi Rajagopal, Ortega's pirouettes dazzled, while his off-center maneuvering still managed to land him squarely on the beat with the dance equivalent of an Olympian 10.
The Titan is aimed squarely at Ford's crown jewel, the F-150, while the Pathfinder Armada takes on the full-size SUV crowd; specifically the Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and Toyota Sequoia.
These new widgets from Elecom fall squarely in the second category.
PicoConnect for Pocket PC 2002 is aimed squarely at PDA users seeking a simple network connection experience.
The court concluded that, at the time of the gifts, the charities were not legally bound and could not be compelled to sell the warrants; moreover, the facts fell squarely within Rev.
the Silicon Valley virtuoso launched ITM Software, with its sights aimed squarely at the enterprise and company CIOs.
If a slugger connects squarely with a pitch, a "crack" sound is produced by air exploding out between the ball and the bat, explains Adair.