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And while one or two of them might have been wearing vintage, square-toed Frye boots, they are like any other band of healthy-looking, sinewy fellows in jeans, just out there trying to get their ideas across in music.
2] True Grit is narrated from the point-of-view of a woman named Mattie Ross, who recalls herself as a strong-willed and square-toed fourteen-year-old in the American West circa 1880 (the younger incarnation is played by a splendid newcomer named Hailee Steinfeld).
As soon as he walked in the door the third time, the shoemaker handed him his shoes with one square-toed shoe and one round-toed shoe.
This made wide, square-toed shoes all the fashion rage
The closest we got to technology was shin pads, dubbin for square-toed boots and that ever-so-vital box when you went out to bat.
Lynch kicked straight-on and wore a square-toed shoe.
Square-toed: This season witnesses the return of the square-toed shoe.
The legal blonde is wearing black, square-toed shoes that look as if they may have once belonged to a crocodile.
The toe-kicker uses a special square-toed shoe for kickoffs, field goals and extra point attempts.
The walk-in closet is home to nearly 70 pairs of expensive square-toed shoes, spectator shoes, fine suits and luxurious watches.
Square-toed designs are walking all over their rounded contemporaries, with an influx of almost geometric shapes for guys.
I considered wearing big gay work boots but settled on some slick square-toed Kenneth Coles.
Campanile square-toed court shoes from Clarks, are available in Valentine red, midnight blue and black velvet, priced pounds 25.
Male Russian Cossacks dance on their square-toed boots, and some teachers still encourage males to do pointe work at the barre to build strength, provided there is no buckling of the toes at the metatarsals -- the short lateral bones at the head of the toes.