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a square-rigged sailing ship

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Gone are the square-riggers and swashbuckling pirates of old; today's boat of choice is a cruising catamaran, and the riches ready to be plundered include a fascinating historical and visual kaleidoscope, and some of the best warm water sailing on offer anywhere in the world.
As such, nautical or marine art, be it a square-rigger or steamboat, a seascape or a shoreline, marine art has become one of the broadest and most widely collected genres of art today.
Climbing 118 feet up the mast of a square-rigger isn't something that me or my schoolmates usually do, but it sounds like just the sort of adventure I've been looking for.
A three-masted schooner that hauled lumber along the Pacific Coast; an ocean-going steam-powered tugboat, one of the last of its kind; a scow schooner that carried cargo in coastal waters; the largest wooden boat in the country, a 300-foot side-wheel steamer ferry; and a steel-hulled three-masted square-rigger that was built to withstand the rigors of Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America, where the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans collide.
Packard, a 244-foot square-rigger and the captain's quarters of goldleaf panels, marble and brass fixtures, and plush upholstery.
OTCBB: SVXP), announces plans to begin operations on site CBNS-3 containing the wreck of a British grand square-rigger pay ship, the H.
READER John Vaughan supplied this recent photo of the Liverpool square-rigger Wavertree at her berth in South Street Seaport Museum, New York.
The exhibition at Editions demonstrates Ted's great love of the tall ships, including the latter-day Mersey gatherings with the spectacular Russian square-rigger Kreuzenstern, and the last grain race, featuring Moshulu.
Antov Dapvel, 20, from Russia, was enjoying his first time in Newcastle as a crew member of the giant Russian square-rigger, the Shtandart.
The three-masted square-rigger is due to sail into Blyth early on Sunday and will lead a parade of sail out to sea at about 3.
A new quay has been opened at The Waterfront to provide a ``hospitality berth'' for the two-masted square-rigger Stavros S Niarchos, which will be the focal point of the festival.
Though it looks authentic, this 112-foot square-rigger, built by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, is actually a replica of a 1780s brig that fought as a privateer during the Revolutionary War.
The crew will sail aboard the Norwegian sailing vessel Sorlandet, a 210-foot square-rigger based in Kristiansand, Norway.