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having a relatively square jaw

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elena_yip he looks like the square-jawed serious romantic lead, who's going to be his plucky heroine who accidentally captures his heart.
The Bulgarian Socialist Party returned to power in the parliamentary elections in 2005 only to suffer a humiliating defeat four years later, when it was ousted by the square-jawed, tough talking ex-wrestler and ex-Sofia mayor Boyko Borisov.
Will be it be pushy, rich lawyer Liv (Kate Hudson, now looking bizarrely square-jawed and with a fringe you want to take an inch off) or teacher Emma (Anne Hathaway) with a hideous substitute maid of honour (Kristen Johnston) waiting in the wings?
After all, you don't become square-jawed, twinkly-eyed, lean and dangerous by eating turnip alone.
Peter Charalambous 3yo Troy Tempest Square-jawed Stingray pilot/Emma Lavelle 6yo Me Julie Ali G's bitch/Arthur Whiting 8yo All mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a trainer whose father was a chief policeman A Slouchiest Timer (3,7,6) Answer on page 28 Compiled by John Randall, Nicholas Godfrey and David Dew
The local authority is aiming to save pounds 90m this year alone, as it comes to terms with the coalition government''s square-jawed determination to balance the books.
The square-jawed hero from the 2006 original teams up with old Chuck, and the pair set out to investigate the evil pharmaceutical company who are responsible for the zombie outbreak.
Icelandic helmer Baltasar Kormakur ("101 Reykjavik," "Jar City") injects notes of hysteria into the script's frenetic pileup of gratuitous cliches, as Dermot Mulroney pushes his square-jawed, desperate hero to near-masochistic extremes.
The Shogun's square-jawed tough and durable exterior styling is carried on inside the cabin with materials having a quality, built-to-last feel about them.
That square-jawed face may be making you look older, new research has shown.
Padalecki's square-jawed hero and Panabaker's feisty sidekick run from one bruising, bonecrunching encounter with their nemesis to the next.
Clearly things have changed in Morrisseyland - and not just in the lyrics - judging from the thick-necked, square-jawed and beef-cakey Morrissey bursting out of his shirt on the album's cover.
Dan Thompson's new strip "Rip Haywire," starring what the syndicate is billing as "a soldier of fortune, a contemporary adventure hero in the classic mold: a brave, square-jawed man of honor who lives for danger," bows Jan.
For many boys, Roy was an integral part of their youth, a footballer who was reluctantly abandoned as they grew up and began playing the game seriously themselves, but most retained a soft spot for the square-jawed Melchester superstar.
In evidence I submit "No Free Lunch", a rollicking SciFi showcasing the adventures of that square-jawed, square-shooter spaceman Hal Spacejock.