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Square-bashing and stringent physical training should be part of the routine.
Soccer star or not, having made his first-team debut against Tottenham Hotspur, National Service beckoned as it did for all young men regardless of occupation, and for two years he swapped his black-andwhite striped shirt for khaki and square-bashing.
It would include traditional square-bashing and tough physical fitness regimes.
The Army was now staffed by professionals, and imminent nuclear attack made square-bashing look a trifle superfluous.
Why not use a run-down military base (preferably in one of the outer islands) as a square-bashing camp?
My first trip was when I, a raw recruit straight from square-bashing at Hereford in the Royal Air Force, received a letter telling me to proceed to RAF Llandow for training as a radio operator.
DEFENCE chiefs are to dump the Army image of square-bashing and tough squaddies whose only aim after soldiering is to get drunk.
Square-bashing with the SAS of the future is as brutal as ever.
It was taken over as a barrack block by the RAF during the war and I did my square-bashing along the seafront in 1943.
If not locked up, they need a few weeks' square-bashing - the worse the crime, the longer the time.
Square-bashing and spud-bashing are pointless pursuits on their own and casual brutality or worse - as revealed by army camps such as Deepcut - have no place in civilised society.
Olive recalls, "First we were given a rail warrant to Innsworth to be kitted out and then to Morecambe for square-bashing drill.
The old kind of army square-bashing puts people off.
And although he's under no obligation, Hamish has volunteered for six months square-bashing at Hamleenlinna army base north of Helsinki.