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a formal and conservative person with old-fashioned views

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When Reagan picked up the shoes, one had a round toe and the other a square toe.
I am presented with square toes, pointed toes and all kinds of fashionable knick-knacks designed for the young and gullible; everything but a shoe both sensible, comfortable and smart.
99) have square toes and stitching detail to die for and can be yours from any Daniel store in London, Newcastle, Guildford, Harrogate, Cheshire, Durham and York or by mail-order on 0113-2626262.
Stack heels, straight heels, wooden heels, see-through heels, square toes, pointy toes, very pointy toes and now kitten heels - Louis heels first time around.
A bargain price means plenty of change for a matching outfit, while the square toes means they're comfortable to wear.
They had square toes - which hid the fact that the king had a sixth toe on one foot.
Take note: navy blue square toes never go with a feminine frock.
Take this: 'The show is full of useful information about how to recognise a witch if you see one (look out for wigs, gloves, square toes and green teeth); what to do if you see one (run); how you can prevent being attacked (don't wash); and what could happen to you if youdon't recognise the signs (ever fancied being turned into a slug?
But when "stressed to excess," and with no community to sustain her, concludes Karanja, Hurston succumbed to "old square toes.
Several stars had complained the high-heels, turned-up square toes would play havoc in the greens.
Will women, liberated by far more utilitarian thick, wide heels and square toes that have been ``in'' recently, jam their feet into shoes only Barbie could love?
In case you missed the show, the trends I spotted were sunglasses on top of the head again; colorful sweaters tied around shoulders and waists again; French manicures on toes (that's a new one); high-heeled sandals worn without stockings (stock up on fake tan cream); and pumps with square toes and Cuban heels for the office.