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fair treatment


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One is to raise my seating position when using the Square Deal so I can see into the cases after powder is dispensed.
Co-op Energy's Fair and Square deal tops the table, at PS988 a year for gas and electricity for an average user.
In her speech during the signing ceremony, Canilao said GMR-Megawide's success is a message to investors "that if you invest in the Philippines, you are sure to get a square deal.
He worked for several firms including the Big D and Wonder Market in Milford, Thrifty Market in Blackstone and the Square Deal Market which he managed with his brother in law Pat Weldon.
And as long as we continue taking in their surpluses we shall never get a square deal there.
The Cooper Square deal is the second transaction within as many weeks for a new rental apartment property in Manhattan.
Theodore Roosevelt is well known for his commitment to leveling the playing field for all Americans through the Square Deal and other policy initiatives.
I have my own stories of blown-up guns, not because I exceeded published weights, but from bouncing lever-pulls on my Dillon Square Deal B, as instructed by a friend.
In order to feed my sub guns I mounted a Dillon Square Deal B press dedicated to 9mm.
So, farmers and shoppers now all get a square deal.
Also ruled out of the big 3m handicap yesterday were the Jonjo O'Neill-trained Square Deal, who was 6-1 favourite with the sponsors following four wins since April, and Paul Nicholls' Hoo La Baloo.
If that's true, Zero implicates himself when he bemoans, "I ain't never had a square deal.
And the Square Deal, his economic agenda, can be seen as an effort to protect the defenseless from the bullies of capitalism-monopolists, inhumane employers, stock waterers, grabbers of public lands.
McVitie's has come up with a square deal for retailers in the new year--in the shape of a triangle.