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22 will be packed with fun, featuring old and new friends of Hilt Kelly including the Tremperskill Boys, Brittany Haas & Nic Gareiss, Linsey Beckett, Laura Kortright & Steve Jacobi, and more--plus square dancing, a chili cook-off, and an All-Star Jam.
By day a CPA and comptroller at Lundgren Honda in Auburn, by night Thomas Rinker embraced the square dancing life, then and now.
This year the seniors will also enjoy square dancing lessons and bingo with prizes.
Welcoming the change Mr O'Brien said: "Be it line dancing, square dancing, ballroom or disco, it is plainly daft to have a ban on dancing because it is a Sunday.
Group activities, such as aerobic and square dancing, provide youngsters with severe disabilities opportunities to participate in age-appropriate and culturally popular activities with their peers.
That would be the opinion of a lot of people who are crazy about square dancing, including Eugene graphic artist Christine Beneda.
The Hayloft Steppers Square Dance Club offers mainstream and plus-level square dancing with Sunday workshops and lessons year-round.
The McFarlins enjoy square dancing and traveling with the family, having journeyed around the United States, Canada and Scotland.
For students of mountain clogging, square dancing, and buck dance, a series of calls explains the complex movements of right-hand star, allemande, circling, and birdie or crow in the cage.
Some things were not repeated after the 1953 show, such as the old fiddler's contest and square dancing on a tennis court in Danville at night.
Have you ever seen Albert Wandering through his dock, Or the Liver Birds Flying round the clock, Lime trees in Lime Street Or Otters in a Pool, St George sitting in his Hall or Col, Quitting school, Phil playing his Harmonica, to a Hard Man in his Street, Hope springing eternally In Everyman's heartbeat, Williamson, Square dancing Outside the House of Play, Competing against Clayton Who is just across the way?
We're going square dancing tonight in Costa del Sol, and Wednesday night we're going folk dancing at the Leisure World cultural club.
If you go on the Web, there are square dancing groups everywhere.
The seventh Hoedown, like last year's, features the Conjugal Visitors providing music for square dancing with a live caller.
He said he also recently took up square dancing again at the Palmdale Senior Center.