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prodigious squandering (usually by a government)

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For Nigeria, this cure would require us to end our squandermania, drastically reduce our spending on imports, and devote most of our export earnings to paying off our debts.
Kerry played with the wind in the opening half but failed to utilise it as they were guilty of squandermania, kicking 10 wides and they definitely missed the accurate kicking of Sheehan from placed balls.
Clara responded to that goal with one from their own sharpshooter, Thomas Deehan, after John Reynolds had presented him with an open net in the 12th minute and although Anton Sullivan added a second goal for Rhode, their squandermania meant that they only managed 2-1 on the scoreboard to their opponents' 1-4 by half-time.
This forced quit from squandermania may be painful now, but it should benefit us in the long run.
Fermanagh boss Malachy O'Rourke rued his side's squandermania for the second week in succession.
The home side's forward division were guilty of reckless shooting and their squandermania in front of goals almost cost them the points.