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covered with tiny scales

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Sample 1d: Campsite 40; squamulose lichen on a rock; slides SMLA 14064-14065.
which lacks granulose tips, is less squamulose, and is generally more robust.
Surface of podetia smooth, continuous in upper parts, areolate in lower parts; often slightly squamulose.
The growth form of each lichen was determined: foliose (leaf-like), crustose (crust-like), fruticose (shrub-like) or squamulose (scale-like).
Thirty-one (45%) lichens are crustose, 27 (39%) are foliose, 8 (12%) are fruticose and 3 (4%) are squamulose.
Nebraska records are near the northern edge of the range for this southern species that consists of closely aggregated, squamulose to lobate areoles.
This species is usually easy to recognize by its brown and squamulose primary thallus, but not very often encountered.
The epithet aspera has been used by many authors to squamulose morphs of Cladonia gracilis subsp.