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a protective structure resembling a scale

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Therefore, the frontal sinus, ethmoid and mastoid cells equilateral to brain hemiatrophy get larger, the squama of the frontal bone becomes thicker and large sphenoid wing and petrous ridge elevate.
second basal cell extensively microtrechose; allula microtrichose; squama pale and covered by microtrichia; cell c microtrechose
Case reports have shown that it is possible to visualize the midline in the bone window though the temporal bone squama.
Posterior inferior to the root of the zygomatic process, in the prenatal part of squama, is the scutum.
Based on our experience, if pin fixation is felt necessary, placement of the pins to avoid the temporal squama may avoid such complications.
INTRODUCTION: Pterion is a significant region which is marked by the junction of frontal bone, parietal bone, squama temporalis and the greater wing of sphenoid bone and forms the floor of temporal fossa.
It is film forming and proven by three clinical studies and in-vitro tests for increasing pro-collagen production, restoring elasticity and firmness, protecting from pollution, improving skin barrier and decreasing squama and dryness.
The pterion is an irregular H shaped sutural confluence in the temporal fossa of the skull formed by the frontal, parietal, sphenoid and temporal squama (Williams et al.