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Synonyms for squalling

characterized by short periods of noisy commotion


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They follow you like hungry children squalling for/ that holy bread they heard about;/ they wolf it down, but only/ one in ten connects the healing/ with the One who heals.
This Triptych show was a real ride of emotions, with upbeat guitar-picking one minute and tempestuous, squalling noise the next.
The Russian teen pop duo, who've so far made an incendiary little career for themselves by posing as lesbians and releasing a squalling anthem of girls-girl sexual angst, "All the Things She Said," are upping their own exploitation ante.
Recorded at London's Toe Rag Studios, what had started out as a laidback album has evolved into a squalling monster of bone-crunchin' blues country squall and rock stompers.
Before the next bomb drop falls or the next squalling bin Laden is born, Americans have to be realistic enough to reconsider our addiction to realpolitik.
The future father of the blues enters the world as a squalling incarnation of his race's need to "[sing or play] whatever came into their minds," a form of emotional release under trying circumstances.