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Synonyms for squalidly

in a sordid or squalid way


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His loud plea against the silent punishment imported from the United States was itself silenced by the more squalidly sexual aspects of his novel.
Meanwhile, the church itself was squalidly corrupt.
Biographies of him remained frustratingly scarce, and when they did appear in any tongue, they depended again and again on the same squalidly unreliable Soviet sources.
Biographies of him remained scarce, and when they did appear, they drew heavily on the same squalidly unreliable Soviet sources.
Oh - and that in Scotland we do seem to die very young, too often unnecessarily and too often squalidly.
The dogs, some of them now moulting, slunk squalidly round the village.
Their motives are never--as we so squalidly claimed in the wake of the Jessica Lynch affair--to get a higher education because the military is now the sole conduit to it for the two-thirds of Americans who can't afford it.