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Synonyms for squalid

Synonyms for squalid

heavily soiled; very dirty or unclean

having or proceeding from low moral standards

Synonyms for squalid

morally degraded

foul and run-down and repulsive

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Although the ITUC admits that the cause of death is not clear for many of the deceased, it believes harsh and dangerous conditions at work and cramped and squalid living quarters are to blame.
To protect innocent and vulnerable tenants from living in squalid and poor maintained rented accommodation, a mandatory local authority property fitness certificate needs to be instigated without any delay.
In November last year, police arrested a 38-year-old man in connection with the trafficking and exploitation of 110 people, who were found living in squalid conditions in Tseri.
The squalid ones are hoping it won t rain," Chavez said late on Tuesday, using his usual term for the opposition.
The poor', my somewhat verkrampte mother responded, are generally rather squalid and dirty themselves--the implication being that they really can expect no better when they go to a public hospital.
The study will also look at how to tackle the problem of illegal 'people smugglers' and gangmasters who force migrants into squalid living conditions, on pittance wages.
The story goes that the local government moved all the inhabitants out to purpose-built housing only for many of them to sell the new properties and quickly retreat back to the site and rebuild their squalid dwellings.
The squalid emptiness of this shrine tells us poignantly that we do not have here what we want, what we are made for, what we long for.
Lazarescu's demise does nothing to lessen the surprise of his squalid Dantean odyssey toward death.
Relentlessly squalid and a chore to sit through, it never really illuminates character or the philosophical and moral issues it stirs up.
In either case, Verb Ballets' new set designs and costumes for its reconstruction of Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, created by Appalachian artists Suzy Campbell and Robert Katkowsky, breathed new life into the masterwork, replacing its starched, abstract look with a more literal, squalid one.
As an art student in Sofia, Christo was sent out to the country on government-organized expeditions to help prettify the farms along the route of the Orient Express, so that affluent Western passengers, bound for Paris or Istanbul, would glimpse a seemingly prosperous land, not the squalid reality of a collective state.
There are sketches of cats, trees, storks, majestic landscapes, squalid alleyways and lots and lots of people.
Under the headline 'Giggsy's penniless dad does a runner', the article said Danny had 'fled his squalid one-bedroom housing association flat' and told neighbours: 'If anyone comes for me tell them I've gone to the Gambia'.
In the meantime, the stories of thousands of families who have faced surveillance and harassment, indefinite detentions in squalid conditions, or deportation to dangerous places remain largely untold.