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a room in a police station where members of the force assemble for roll call and duty assignments

a room in a barracks where soldiers are billeted

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In the squad room, he is joined by a very different set of cops - even if the names remain the same .
Pic's weird symmetry is such that the killers sink further and further into their romantic dementia, while Robinson slowly recovers from his morose guilt over his wife's death and begins a relationship with squad room squeeze Rene (Laura Dern).
The description of squad room horseplay and the ways the detectives entertain themselves at the "friendly" expense of their colleagues provides a useful and engaging insight into the detectives' daily existence, offering insight into their human side while maintaining a clear focus on their professional activities.
NYPD BLUE'S John Irvin--the gay squad room aide played by out actor Bill Brochtrup--usually observes from the sidelines.
These include items officers should consider when preparing to depart their residences for duty, leaving their locker rooms (even what officers should keep in their lockers), handling preparation requirements prior to leaving the squad room, obtaining necessary information for patrol duty, and checking out the patrol vehicle and its care prior to and after departing the garage area.
The police force may be struggling to cope with its old fashioned male dominated culture but there are still plenty of monsters lurking in the squad room.
Like fugitive slaves of the antebellum south, colored citizens huddled in the squad room and awaited their turn to be taken home under escort.
Tuesday in the Police Department squad room at 9-11 Lincoln Square.
NCIS" has for a while not had a "Most-Wanted" wall of bad guys on the show's squad room.
HOLLYWOOD -- Most of the 30 faces in the squad room for evening roll call were young.
It takes elements of "The X-Files"--itself inspired by the original "Night Stalker"--and traditional crime dramas and switches the center of activity to a newsroom from the usual squad room.
Lennox is also under the cosh when CS Brownlow challenges him to a game of squash and bets are taken in the squad room.
Today, it sits proudly and conspicuously in the lobby of the department and the squad room.
Kal Penn visited, going on a ride-along with officers and observing in the squad room.
In it, two detectives - soulful, long- suffering Joel Stevens (Donnie Wahlberg) and whimsical, philosophical ``Fearless'' Smith (Mykelti Williamson) - storm alongside hot-headed, self-destructive deputy district attorney David McNorris (Neal McDonough) from one room, down a corridor past an office, into a squad room and back again.