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a car in which policemen cruise the streets

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Not only does that officer's camera go on, but so do the cameras worn by officers within 10 meters and nearby squad car cameras, Kukulka said.
A police spokesman conrmed a squad car was involved and an internal investigation will now examine the circumstances.
The guys on squad car maintenance take pride in doing things efficiently, to the point of timing how long it takes to change a tire, which Flesch says he can do in less than 10 minutes.
Showing the one-minute video from Murphy's squad car, Edwards said that Murphy, the officer who was shot dead by the gunman, was shot 15 times and not nine as authorities have previously said.
CRUNCH: The squad car was impaled on the bollard, inset, above Pictures: JASON ROBERTS
Barrister Dan Edwards, for the police, argued the squad car was on a straight road, the lights were in its favour and, even had it only been going at 30mph, the collision would still have been inevitable.
The boy did not have a gun, never issued any tickets and did not drive the squad car, deputy superintendent Daniel Dugan said.
A Greek police officer has been arrested after driving more than 300 kilometres threatening to murder his wife's sister, stealing a squad car and leading police on a chase that shut down the nation's main highway for over an hour.
And then came high-technology cameras that sit atop the light bar on a squad car, recording some three or four license plates a second -- up to 8,000 in an eight-hour shift.
But he was arrested nearby when he almost caused an accident with a police squad car.
When a squad car approached the vehicle, it drove away.
Dana Bettin, 23, died, three days after the dramatic 100mph highway chase in the northern US state of Wisconsin that ended when he crashed his fiancAe's car into an unoccupied police squad car.
A TEENAGER who hurled a beer bottle through a police squad car window was found with ecstasy and cannabis, a court heard.
He dialled 999 and police in a squad car allegedly nabbed one of their colleagues still in the saddle of the stolen machine.