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someone who quarrels about a small matter

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Not that it matters of course as the preliminary inquiry into the affair, which was comprised of a collection of ego-centric squabblers with shady pasts padding out their personal profiles - was mainly designed to coat the public's outrage with a layer of implied determination and muzzle the press via repeated references to judicial prejudice and half-whispered mutterings about the cops extending their enquiries to the rest of the media.
New additions to the sequel include Amy Adams (as Amelia Earhart), Hank Azaria (cranky pharaoh Kahmunrah) and Alain Chabat (Napoleon), while regulars Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervais and squabblers from the original Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan as toy cowboy Jed and Octavius (pictured)
Where altercations are suspected or occurring between passengers, a carrier would be wise to intervene at the earliest possible moment and do its best to separate the squabblers.
As Gordon points out, this silence or absence reflects a more general weakness in colonial/postcolonial studies in which gender "hides itself so easily, standing so often behind racial and national and class conflicts, allowing those more assertive squabblers the spotlight.
If it helps moms to ease the tension, and makes it easier to put together a puppet show or separate the squabblers who are having a tug of war over a toy, more power to them.
The office squabblers will spend all day worrying about the race, will have hours of postmortems afterwards and will almost certainly go to bed tonight feeling extremely disenchanted with life.
Irish king Donnchadh (David Patrick O'Hara) actively encourages the instability--all the better to sustain Ireland's rule over England--and occasionally sends his troops across the water to crush any attempts by the squabblers to forge alliances.