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The members reported non-availability or shortage of Streptomycin injection for TB patients, paediatric and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) drugs; non-availability or shortage of sputum cups or laboratory consumables and need to ensure microscopes are functional and in order at all designated microscopy centres (DMCs) in the state as key challenges.
Several advantages of pot method as have been pointed out earlier (11-13) include the following: (i) smear making is easy resulting in uniform spread of sputum material on glass slides, (ii) it is technician-friendly and will increase their willingness to work with sputum AFB microscopy, (iii) the background of smears is clear and the AFB is distinctly seen, (iv) disposal of sputum cups becomes easy, (v) it can greatly reduce the risk of aerosols and spread of infection among the workers and in the community, (vi) it is simple as it does not involve heating of carbol-fuchsin, (vii) it gives an opportunity for the laboratory technician to make smears at a convenient time, and (viii) it can be utilized to transport sputum samples to microscopy centres.
Background & objectives: Improper practices of making direct smears of sputum for detection of acid-fast bacilli (AFB) and of disposing sputum cups are hazardous.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Item Sputum Cups,Glass slides, Carbol Fuchion, Sulphric Acid, Phenol Crystal,Distilled Water, Diamond pencil, Lens Cleaning paper, Immersion oil, Filter paper, Ethanol, Aura mine powder, Phenolic compound, Fetal Doppler etc.
Tenders are invited for Supply of MATERIAL Sputum Cups, Glass slides, Methylene Blue, Phenol Crystal, Distilled Water, Diamond pencil, Lens Cleaning paper, Immersion oil, Filter paper, Aura mine powder, Potassium, Phenolic compound etc.