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Synonyms for sputter

to make a series of short, sharp noises

Synonyms for sputter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

an utterance (of words) with spitting sounds (as in rage)


make an explosive sound

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cause to undergo a process in which atoms are removed

Related Words

climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling

utter with a spitting sound, as if in a rage

spit up in an explosive manner

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Samples to be analyzed under the scanning electron microscope were dehydrated in an alcohol graded series (80-100%; 10 min for each concentration), and critical-point dried (Balzers CPD/030); dried specimens were then attached to aluminium stubs with double-faced conductive adhesive tape and gold-sputtered with a Balzers SCD/050 sputterer.
The specimens were coated with an Au-Pd nanolayer by a SC7640 Sputterer.
The fractured surfaces of the samples were coated with gold by vapor deposition using a vacuum sputterer.
Typical applications include the design, analysis and performance optimization of electric motors, generators and electrical transformers, permanent, normal conducting and superconducting magnets, and charged particle devices such as magnetron sputterers, electron microscopes, X-ray machines and CT scanners.
Auction items for sale include a large assortment of etchers, sputterers, PECVD and CVD systems, probers, RIE's, ion mills, ashers, xray, inspection and metrology tools, wet process tools, chillers, vacuum pumps, RF power supplies, plasma and vapor prime ovens, probe stations, coaters, SRD's, leak detectors and more.