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Synonyms for spurting

propelled violently in a usually narrow stream

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Water spurting out of a damaged hydrant in Cardiff city centre yesterday
Developers cultivating the large-scale, environmentally friendly buildings spurting up all over Manhattan may be tapping into more than one type of green.
But he gets pulled back in (the hysterics in ``The Godfather: Part III''), and the movie degenerates into a comic opera of bad acting, spurting blood and slow-motion violence.
Latest performance highlights include Avanti Display's The Spurting Man, a wet, watery and original piece of street theatre which has already proved a huge hit on three continents.
From blood spurting through hearts to winds buffeting cars, fluids swirl and tumble in complex ways that scientists struggle to understand.
Morris physicalizes the affront this cross-species romance presents by having Platte, magnificently sung by tenor Jean-Paul Fouchecourt, perambulate in lurching walks and stifflegged spurting jumps, while declaiming in comically mispronounced French.