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Synonyms for spuriousness

plausible but invalid reasoning

Antonyms for spuriousness

state of lacking genuineness

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The elimination of non-stationarity made the data free from autocorrelation and possibility of spuriousness among the model's variable regression analysis.
The 'disasters of 1975 and 1977', as Ian Turner referred to Malcolm Fraser's election victories, were devastating confirmation of the spuriousness of the assumptions that underlay radical nationalism.
The spuriousness of the traditional boundaries between the "public" and "private" is a dominant theme.
1995, Country music, suicide and spuriousness, Social Forces, 74, 1, 327-329.
The effect of prior level of political knowledge is somewhat reduced in the final step, but this must be interpreted as the result of indirect effects mainly via political interest rather than a sign of spuriousness.
Yet this is essentially the problem of spuriousness or uncontrolled variables--which is a concern for all kinds of social research, whatever entities or levels are considered--and can be assessed and, if need be, adjusted for.
The QAP method is a non-parametric procedure to test the spuriousness of correlations or non-independent relationships between two matrices (Hubert and Schultz, 1976).
Evidence here is broadly applied and its spuriousness or otherwise from an academic point of view is not relevant.
An obvious potential source of spuriousness is party identification--especially when scored in terms of identification with the "administration" and "opposition" parties--with both presidential approval and rates of speech watching.
In particular, these injunctions expose the spuriousness of claims that national sovereignty, rather than human life, is sacrosanct.
Beyond that he proposes to usurp the role of Providence (144), enacting Satan so stagily as to disclose the spuriousness of his whole mise en scene.
Yet at the end of the day, the loss suffered by Russia and China as a result of the Arab Spring will not be limited to people's resentment of their stances, which reveal the spuriousness of the claim that the major figures of communism, past and present, have placed peoples first on their list of priorities.
Perhaps the spuriousness of such grotesque privacy is not perceived, because it is seen as a triumph of the private sphere over the constraints of citizenship.
According to Calvin, the possible spuriousness of certain relics--a question that had already disturbed St Augustine in the 4th century--foretold an even greater iniquity: the worship of false gods.
But if the spuriousness of this masque- like, apologetic nostalgia is manifest, that which might constitute the satirist's basis of truth, the counterweight to such false restoration, is nevertheless far from sure.