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Synonyms for spuriousness

plausible but invalid reasoning

Antonyms for spuriousness

state of lacking genuineness

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Therefore, our data comprise all the observable variables that the insurance company acquires at the time of contract, which enables us to control adequately for potential spuriousness in the conditional correlation between insurance coverage and accidents.
I do not share Rashed's conviction about the spuriousness of Jam' and continue to uphold a dual hypothesis concerning its authorship, as will be made clear at the end of this article.
A comparison between two-year and eight-year deployments suggests that important revelations can be gleaned from short-term experimental deployments, yet the same comparison discloses the spuriousness of other inferences.
While intended to control for role selection and spuriousness, impulsivity is certainly an important factor when looking at father engagement in fragile families.
If these industries also happen to be industries having large numbers of employees, or industries particularly scrutinized by OSHA or others due to their high rates, one could argue the existence of spuriousness, which would considerably water down the practical significance of the other relationships to be tested.
But what the heck, it's a campaign movie first and foremost, campaigning both to get people to wake up to the danger climate change poses (and the spuriousness of the manufactured controversy over what is, increasingly, unanimous scientific thinking) and to put pressure on the Bush administration as well.
17) This, according to De Matons (note 1) 200, may even point to the spuriousness of the final prayer of the kontakion.
It also highlights the spuriousness of viewing refugees as powerless and fleeing willy-nilly without a plan.
Furthermore, with all models, split sample validation indicates instability, and possibly spuriousness, in most modeled relationships.
According to her, "Deceit, spuriousness, pride and calculated dishonesty fall into the category of 'sins of the spirit.
Neither of these characterizations of Muslim society and Islamic doctrine is further documented, qualified, or explained, though significant scholarship exists on both the ambiguities of veiling and the spuriousness (and, in fact, imported origin) of the supposedly Islamic denial of spiritual equality to women.
The ease and passivity of technological liberation indicate its spuriousness.
27) Chalmers refers here to Malone's famous pronouncement on the Chatterton case, first published in the Gentleman's Magazine, where Malone states that only those with a taste for, and a critical knowledge of, English poetry from the time of Chaucer to Pope, are competent to judge on the spuriousness of the Rowley poems.
The crucial thing to bear in mind, however, is not the brutality of Communist rule--what we might really call existing Marxism--but its spuriousness and contempt for law.
Both the consumers and the competition lapse into a trance of obfuscation, confusion and spuriousness, driven by a false sense of security residing in the chemoprofile, e.