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Synonyms for spurious

Synonyms for spurious

containing fundamental errors in reasoning

born to parents who are not married to each other

Synonyms for spurious

plausible but false


Related Words

born out of wedlock

intended to deceive

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The team, it was further pointed out, which checked medicines in godowns and shops, seized a big quantity of spurious and expired medicines.
According to Assistant Sub Inspector KDA Police Station Khan Gul said that a Suzuki was stopped at Indus Highway check point traveling from Peshawar to Kohat and recovered 8 drums full of spurious and unhygienic meat.
He said that if any of pharma industry person was found involved in spurious drugs business, he must be punished.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Dhananjay Kulkarni said: " Until Friday evening' the spurious liquor had claimed the lives of 53 persons and 28 more are hospitalized.
There is no shortage of companies which are willing to either manufacture, import or market spurious products with all kinds of loose claims over health benefits.
Summary: The insurance regulator has put up audio clips of spurious calls on its website to make consumers aware of how fraudsters sell policies to customers.
Tender are invited for Making surveying for determining the facts of a spurious overhead line infrastructure facility - Supporting facilities Studencica regional water supply system (gutters, anchor blocks, outlets, valves, collection, other supporting facilities), with the original title deed for the land on which the building is constructed or geodetic studies to determine the facts of a spurious line underground infrastructure facility - Pipework RVS Studencica
Spurious regression is a situation in which two or more variables are statistically related, but in fact there is not any direct relation between them.
Although your guilty pleas have meant that your victims have not had to give evidence and relive their experiences in a court hearing, and they now know this, your earlier observations about their complaints, which you now accept were neither spurious nor pernicious, will have distressed them all, and it is clear from the victim statements that I have seen that your brazen attitude when first charged and the public protests of your innocence have added to the distress of some if not all of your victims.
Srinagar, May 6 ( ANI ): Traders in Kashmir observed a daylong shutdown on Monday as a mark of protest against the supply of spurious drugs in government run hospitals, while demanding action against the culprits.
People who run factories to produce spurious drugs which look like the original ones, must be very wealthy and knowledgeable and they may be able to employ competent, well-educated experts who are well versed in the manufacture of medicines and drugs.
Extant manuscripts and early printed editions of Geoffrey Chaucer's classic Middle English collection of tales often include post-Chaucer continuations and additions that have been purged from modern editions as spurious and apocryphal, says Higl (Winona State U.
The jacket copy on its back cover calls Spurious "raucous" and "hilarious" and the front matter labels the book "a novel.
ISLAMABAD, July 19 -- With the rise in the mercury, the sale of spurious soft drinks, juices and bottled water has increased in the capital, resulting in spread of various diseases among the citizens.
Pakistan, June 20 -- In a surprise raid on Thursday, a squad from the crime circle of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) descended on a factory in Sheikhabad manufacturing spurious drugs and took into custody fake medicines, chemicals, packing material, parts of machinery and related material.