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Here, the native prairies have been protected for more than 50 years, but leafy spurge has been making its way across the park since the 1970s.
If you were compelled to design a garden that included members of the spurge family alone, the result would be a diverse collection of unusual-
Monmouthshire - maidenhair spleenwort, spreading bellflower, upright spurge, mistletoe;
IT IS sometimes said that caper spurge (euphorbia lathyrus) will deter moles.
Put another way, the benefits of cattle do not lessen the damage wrought by leafy spurge and cheatgrass.
According to IDC, this desire will spark a spurge in spending, and by 2003 knowledge management services will be more than an $8 billion market, up from $1.
Goats and insects, for example, might be used against leafy spurge, which has been a plague on cattle ranches in the West, while prescribed fires could be adjusted to wipe out a weed during a vulnerable point in its cycle.
And the wild thyme said, - Go hang yourself in the spurge laurel.
It was easy to imagine how a drift of variegated Japanese spurge could illuminate a dark space beneath a pine, and how one of the new selections of kinnikinnick could carpet a swath of sandy ground where no healthy grass would grow.
Elsewhere, people are replacing grass with ground covers such as Japanese spurge and vinca.
The species belongs to the spurge family, a group of valuable oil-producing trees from eastern Asia.
Euphorbia palustris is probably my favourite spurge and at the moment it lights up our brick garden like a set of beacons.
This is a handsome spurge with olive green, pinkedged leaves.
When snowdrops are at their peak, the stems of spurge are short, hugging the ground, but when the euphorbia shoots upwards, it hides the dying flowers and foliage of snowdrops.
That sap and the plant's flowers -- not very showy and rarely appearing indoors -- put pencil cactus in the spurge family, along with more familiar houseplants such as poinsettia and crown-of-thorns.