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Synonyms for spunky

Synonyms for spunky

showing courage


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willing to face danger

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The male, Ootek was very domineering and Spunky couldn't get away from him.
She's living proof that snarky and spunky aren't mutually exclusive," Omdahl says, adding that Mahan is a composite of Katie Couric, Jon Stewart and Edward R.
Granted, Freeman is essentially playing a variation of himself, while Vega is mining her spunky screen persona.
95) tells of spunky Vera, whose family moves, leading to her first day in a new school.
As inspiration, Rivera's life certainly has what it takes: the spunky kid who loses her father at 7, gets into SAB at 14, gets her first Broadway job at 20, sticks with musical theater through thick and thin, and then recovers from a leg-mangling accident by sheer force of will and hard work.
In the novel her publicists are hailing as "the Indian Lolita," Abha Dawesar, through the eyes of a spunky 16-year-old suburbanite named Anamika, describes Delhi as "a city with no romance but a lot of passion.
Jenna, spunky heroine of Bauer's award-winning Rules of the Road, makes a welcome reappearance in this sequel.
One can lay claim to being a "cock sucking straight acting lesbian man with ball crushing bad manners laddish nymphomaniac politics spunky sexist desires of incestuous inversion and incorrect terminology I am a Not Gay.
Broken or abandoned china: Even if it is no longer of service on the table, china can become a serviceable and spunky mosaic backsplash.
on San Francisquito at Spunky Canyon Road near the forest community of Green Valley.
His determination to keep a new condition secret from his parents so he can enjoy a summer and his involvement with a spunky farm woman helps him discover the meaning of living.
I went with Emily and Matt, a spunky couple I turned on to the band, and Malette, a single mother whose 4-year-old is a huge Scissor Sisters fan.
In addition to principals Tan and Vanessa Zahorian in the title role, two corps members were given a shot: Megan Low was stilted as the spunky huntress, but an authoritative Elizabeth Miner danced with gorgeous line and old-fashioned charm.
Kendra Pacelli is a strong female protagonist who can be spunky one minute and vulnerable the next.
Southern Idaho: This spunky up-and-comer in the wine world sits at a higher altitude than most wine-growing regions, and its soil has greater volcanic ash content, producing grapes recognized for their flavorful and distinctive character.