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Corinna May finds all of Anne's opening spunkiness and her willingness to embrace Tobin's nonchalance.
In our spring puppy issue I noted that she was named for the young heroine in True Grit and I can now confirm that she is indeed living up to her namesake's spunkiness.
Turning 18, she goes to work as a governess at the estate of Edward Rochester (Michael Fassbender), where her plain-speaking ways and general spunkiness turn the class system on its head and the lord of the manor into a lovelorn idiot.
Thomas, however, gave the role a certain welcome spunkiness.
I have raised horses, dairy goats, cows and pigs and never have I seen such vigor and spunkiness in a newborn.
So far, she's giving every indication of living up to her namesake's spunkiness.
Bruins president Cam Neely isn't surprised by Thomas' spunkiness.
The messy head, the earnest conversation, our spunkiness and punkiness, our sense of fun, the self-deprecating overconfidence.
In a nutshell: Shakespeare does soccer in this goofy "Twelfth Night" update that gets by on the spunkiness of lead Amanda Bynes and an equally spirited supporting cast.