spun sugar

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a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature

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At this point, you could add extra touches such as a little extra thyme, more almonds, spun sugar or whatever you fancy.
When you are ready to serve, prepare the cinnamon spun sugar.
Lemon souffle, spun sugar and raspberries (4) INGREDIENTS: 25g/1oz butter; 4 egg whites; 4tbsp caster sugar;175ml/6floz vanilla custard; 3 lemons, zest & juice of 2.
A word about the ganache: If you've never made it yourself, you might think it was the stuff of hard-core pastry chefs, along the lines of praline eclairs and spun sugar.
Her prose is often lyrical, rising into striking images like the spun sugar on Avis' creations.
THE train of thought is a delicate train, something akin to the Orient Express but made out of spun sugar and fairies' wings.
They both are producing dishes that are way above the standard people would expect of people their age, they were doing spun sugar and chocolate work - these are complex skills.
For dessert, gateau mollet and chocolate ardoises from Sedan are local favourites, but try Ardennes sugar tarts, crowned with circles of spun sugar.
The dessert was a mountain of profiteroles with custard crme filling, coated in spun sugar.
At the end of the book is a section called Basics that has recipes for several cookie doughs, fondant, meringue powder royal icing, spun sugar, tips on piping and supplies, and a page of templates.
I'm with him at L'Etranger, the Sofia restaurant that he created more than eight years ago, and he is using some sort of wire whisk with sugar-coated tentacles to create nests of spun sugar from a saucepan of dark caramelisation: cheveux d'ange (angel's hair).
concentrate on what you're doing and don't try to, well, juggle three things at once, especially if they're elephants), and while the amount of time that one needs to invest to get through the book is about the time of a prime-time TV program, the whole artificial fable has the taste of cotton candy made from some spun sugar substitute, not the real thing.
If you wish to make the spun sugar on the top, it's easier than you think, just remember to make the spun sugar before the fool.
Spun Sugar (10-1) would be the bet at that price over Fleet Indian (8-5) -- and both Pletcher representatives are must-use in exactas.
Damon Corey preparing spun sugar for a sticky toffee pudding