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Synonyms for spud

a sharp hand shovel for digging out roots and weeds


Related Words

initiate drilling operations, as for petroleum

Related Words

produce buds, branches, or germinate

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Her table candles were mounted on spuds, the menus pinned to spuds and the favours were spuds.
What is so nice about this movie is that it has not shifted from the previous Spud movie.
There are more than 1,000 different varieties of British spuds around, but many are in danger of disappearing because most shops and supermarkets don't stock the Heritage potatoes anymore.
Spud, the rare box crab, which is thought to be the largest ever found in British waters is displayed by Hayley Uhr
Retired orcharding consultant and farmer Ernie Crouch, 73, was digging spuds when he discovered the potato with two arms, two legs, a body, head and small nose.
We drew 5-5 and Spud scored all their five goals - playing in his wellies.
The vet reckons Spud has had this condition for a while and has not had any treatment for it so far, which has made it much worse.
Tony and Spud confirmed they made it to their local Irish pub for the big day.
Spud - who played at the superstar's wedding bash in Dornoch - will be at Gleneagles and hopes that the sound of the bagpipes will knock some sense into George Bush
Potato Head, the big-eyed toy spud, has donned a Santa Claus outfit, dressed up as the Easter Bunny and will soon become the intergalactic scourge Darth Tater.
Over the years, condemned by the dieticians as "stodge", shunned by those on a slimming diet, the good old English spud is, in fact, a fairly low energy food.
DOG owner Jenna Jones lost four socks before she realised her pup Spud was EATING them.
The terrier called Spud swallowed four of Jenna Jones's sports socks before he was found out.
These taste-tempting and highly profitable beer flavored fries from Aviko's Trend Sensations[TM] line feature three styles; a Skin-on Conventional 5/16 Cut, a Skin-on "The Big Fries[TM]" cut and a Skin-on Spud Ridges[TM] cut.
th] quarter of 2012," said Norman Schwartz, Managing Partner of Spud Partners LLC.