spruce grouse

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North American grouse that feeds on evergreen buds and needles

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Rangewide, Spruce Grouse nest on the ground under a variety of conifer types.
Because Spruce Grouse have been observed to nest in many different conifer habitat types, ranging from upland pine to lowland spruce swamp, and we had no information on Spruce Grouse nests in Wisconsin, an investigation of Spruce Grouse nest selection was needed to inform managers of important habitat features for Spruce Grouse nests.
We located female Spruce Grouse by broadcasting a recording of the female cantus call (Boag and McKinnon 1982) and the male flutter-jump and tail-flick (Lumsden 1961) from a handheld speaker and small mp3 player.
If so, there are hundreds of thousands of road-accessible acres of boreal forest in Alaska harboring a relatively untapped and underappreciated resource gem, the spruce grouse .
Most spruce grouse wing shooting is quick, reflexive and at close range.
With that he commenced the harvest, and that night we feasted on spruce grouse, savoring every bite--even if they were pets.
By noon we were soaked, freezing, and famished, and when we spotted two spruce grouse in a tree, we cracked.
On one backcountry hunt, I shot a couple of spruce grouse and was excited to get them cleaned, cooled, and broiled.
I received my August 2009 volume on Friday and was reading it this weekend when I noticed an error in the description of spruce grouse distribution.
The spruce grouse is widely distributed and secure through much of its range but declining or rare along the southern fringe, particularly in the east.
serrator) P Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) 2 Spruce Grouse (Falcipennis canadensis) P Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) 21 Rock Ptarmigan (L.
I did shoot a spruce grouse on that trip, the only one I've ever shot so that was something to get a tad bit excited about, I saw some black ducks and the fishing was very good.
As dawn broke, two spruce grouse flew in and lit in the trees just 10 yards away, where they busily picked spruce needles to put on winter fat.
Similarly, Hearne noted that one Indian could kill twenty Spruce Grouse in a day with his bow and arrow and some would kill upwards of a hundred Snow Geese in a day, whereas the most expert of the English hunters would think it a good day's work to kill thirty.
Regis, Kunjamuck and Sacandaga rivers; and conserve critical biodiversity and wildlife habitats, including important areas for the spruce grouse, endangered bats and several rare plant bogs.