spruce grouse

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North American grouse that feeds on evergreen buds and needles

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Spruce Grouse, Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus), Arctic Ground Squirrel, North American Red Squirrel, voles, and lemmings are also common in the area (D.
With that he commenced the harvest, and that night we feasted on spruce grouse, savoring every bite--even if they were pets.
At the same time, the spruce grouse may be the most difficult boreal species to find.
Aside from a white-eared snowshoe hare and a chubby spruce grouse, we didn't see much else in the way of animal life, but that was probably due to the lateness of the season.
The proposed park shelters moose, peregrine falcons, spruce grouse, loons, northern bog lemmings, and pine martens now, and the area once provided habitat for wolves, lynx, and catamounts.
3 / 100 hunting days) and spruce grouse (Dendrapagus canadensis, 4.
While staying in an alpine hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I watched a spruce grouse emerge from underbrush during an after-dinner walk.
I hear the spruce grouse collide with a tree and then just the drum of wings on a stationary body lying on the forest floor.
Otherwise, black grouse and hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia had a significantly greater proportion of total hits in BIOSIS than in WOS, blue grouse Dendragapus obscurus and spruce grouse Dendragapus canadensis vice versa.
I received my August 2009 volume on Friday and was reading it this weekend when I noticed an error in the description of spruce grouse distribution.
I did shoot a spruce grouse on that trip, the only one I've ever shot so that was something to get a tad bit excited about, I saw some black ducks and the fishing was very good.
We didn't go high enough for spruce grouse, and pheasant season wasn't open yet.
In the Far North it shares range with the spruce grouse, a bird otherwise known as a fool hen for its unwise habit of standing in the open and gawking at approaching humans.
The students were required to evaluate whether their schoolyard was suitable for sustaining populations of the spruce grouse, an endangered species in New York.
As dawn broke, two spruce grouse flew in and lit in the trees just 10 yards away, where they busily picked spruce needles to put on winter fat.