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Synonyms for spruce



Synonyms for spruce

to improve in appearance, especially by refurbishing

to make or keep (an area) clean and orderly

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for spruce

References in classic literature ?
asked Sara Ray seriously, wreathing the handle of her basket with creeping spruce.
Horns of Elfland" never sounded more sweetly around hoary castle and ruined fane than those vesper calls of the robins from the twilight spruce woods and across green pastures lying under the pale radiance of a young moon.
All day the sun has shone on the surface of some savage swamp, where the single spruce stands hung with usnea lichens, and small hawks circulate above, and the chickadee lisps amid the evergreens, and the partridge and rabbit skulk beneath; but now a more dismal and fitting day dawns, and a different race of creatures awakes to express the meaning of Nature there.
The next morning, when I looked out, I saw the hollow-backed bay between the Varnum spruces, and Ethan Frome, throwing back his worn bearskin, made room for me in the sleigh at his side.
Young Ethan Frome walked at a quick pace along the deserted street, past the bank and Michael Eady's new brick store and Lawyer Varnum's house with the two black Norway spruces at the gate.
The pitch of the Corbury road, below lawyer Varnum's spruces, was the favourite coasting-ground of Starkfield, and on clear evenings the church corner rang till late with the shouts of the coasters; but to-night not a sled darkened the whiteness of the long declivity.
CLINTON - After jumping out to a 2-0 advantage last week in the Clinton Softball Association's (CSA) best-of-five championship series, second-seeded Spruce Street Tavern found the tables turned this week.
In a 1925 article in the Scientific Monthly titled "The Vanishing Spruce," referred to the high elevation red spruce (Picea rubens) as a "lost tribe.
An announcement made by Spruce Private Investors, LLC ( Spruce ) that Estancia acquired a minority, non-controlling interest in Spruce.
This week the Harpoon Brewery released the latest installment of their 100-Barrel Series, Vermont Spruce Tip Ale.
Karen Spruce, 56, avoided jail last year after admitting stealing pounds 22,000 as treasurer of Wick Town Improvements Association.
The August 2009 issue of The American Biology Teacher has a wonderful photo of a female spruce grouse.
I believe this seedling is a red spruce or possibly a black spruce.
Genetic analysis of white spruce trees at sites across North America suggest that that species endured the harsh climate of Alaska throughout the last ice age, a notion that scientists have debated for decades.