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(of growing vegetation) having just emerged from the ground

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As you all know, by the looking, never have I sprouted one fin out of my backbone.
From his thin legs, fragile-looking as windstraws, the bones of which were sheathed in withered skin with apparently no muscle padding in between--from such frail stems sprouted the torso of a fat man.
A prodigious growth of whiskers, greyish-dirty and untrimmed for years, sprouted from his face.
The close green walls of privet, that had bordered the principal walk, were two-thirds withered away, and the rest grown beyond all reasonable bounds; the old boxwood swan, that sat beside the scraper, had lost its neck and half its body: the castellated towers of laurel in the middle of the garden, the gigantic warrior that stood on one side of the gateway, and the lion that guarded the other, were sprouted into such fantastic shapes as resembled nothing either in heaven or earth, or in the waters under the earth; but, to my young imagination, they presented all of them a goblinish appearance, that harmonised well with the ghostly legions and dark traditions our old nurse had told us respecting the haunted hall and its departed occupants.
The willows soon sprouted, Hastings told them, and by the time the mats were rotted away the sand was held in place by the roots of the trees.
That in itself would have been enough to sow doubts in Bill's mind as to whether he had really got all the money that a reasonable man needed; and Claire saw to it that these doubts sprouted, by confining her conversation on the occasions of their meeting almost entirely to the great theme of money, with its minor sub-divisions of How to get it, Why don't you get it?
Across the broad platform, where a few blades of grass sprouted on the discoloured gravel, the door of the house, with its ground-floor windows shuttered, faced him, wide open.
This fall, there's no better time to explore all the ways to incorporate sprouted, ancient grains into your meals than with the truRoots line of organic, gluten-free, sprouted whole grain blends and pastas.
Suppliers of sprouted seeds have slammed the Food Standards Agency for issuing 'unjustified' advice on sprouted seeds - leading to products being taken off shelves - following an outbreak of E.
On coastal foothill woodlands, Longhurst (1956) found that evergreen oaks sprouted better than deciduous oaks, and that there was a tendency for sprouting to decline with age for deciduous species.
coli can flourish in the warm, moist indoor environment in which seeds are sprouted.
Sprouted lentils have four times more vitamin C than their unsprouted mates.
Nearly, any kind of seed can be sprouted, but the most common seeds to be sprouted include alfalfa, barley, chickpeas, corn, lentils, peas, wheat and soybeans that are considered the most nutritious of all sprouts.
Organic Essential Eating Sprouted Flours[R] are milled by a modern system that uses lower temperatures in order to produce a less processed, safe, nutritious flour.