sprocket wheel

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thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain


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Sprocket Wheel And Repair Of H Frame Of Ck-300 Hydraulic Excavator Sl No 530 Of Pouni Open Cast Mine, Ballarpur Area.
50 X68 X20 -02 Nos ,4 Needle Roller Bearing 16/22X22 Hk1622 -02 Nos, 5 Control Lever For Gripper Opening As Per Sample -01 No, 6 Lever Asper Sample 01 Nos,7 Sprocket Wheel Asper Sample -01 No, 8 Sprocket Chain As Per Sample -01 No, 9 Impression Clamp As Per Sample -01 No,10 Cylinder Clamp As Per Sample -01 No.
Tenders are invited for Welding Manipulator / Positioner For Sprocket Wheel
13904 - D80A12 model - Dismantling of C frame link LH & RH side renewal of sprocket wheel final drive system and gear box overhauling and renewal of worn out spares in gear box, reconditioning of Dozer operator hood, painting the dozer and commissioning the same position including the cost of floating seal ring and service kit during the year 2014 -15.
Tenders are invited for Semi-Automatic Sprocket Wheel Grinding Station/Equipment.
13895 (D 80 Model) Reconditioning of tooth worn out left side and right side final drive sprocket wheel assembly, damaged left side front idler wheel, renewal of wornout and damaged track rollers and carrier rollers, renewal of broken studs of left side final drive sprockets arresting bracket, including dismantling of dozer blade, frame, Y frame, damaged track rollers housing supports, sprocket drive end cover, sprocket wheel, inner and outer seals, inspection of track rollers and carrier rollers, seals and O rings, renewal of damaged and broken track roller, O rings and re - assembling the dozer during the year 2014 - 15.