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Synonyms for sprocket

roller that has teeth on the rims to pull film or paper through

thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain

tooth on the rim of gear wheel

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Ubiquity's Sprocket Wearables are going to raise the bar for mobile networking products within the industry," stated Dr.
The Low-Profile Sprocket is compatible with the following trencher booms in greasable and/or sealed designs:
2 -- ran in SAC edition only) Labrador retriever Sprocket, trained for sniffing out arson, models an animal oxygen mask.
Three cables attached to this shaft push and pull on several chains, driving sprockets that move semi-flexible fins back and forth.
It is important to align the belt drive so that the teeth are properly engaged with the sprocket.
In the past the company used conventional methods to produce sprocket assemblies, requiring many machining operations and tools.
Despite their extra strength, the CDX:EXP sprockets weigh only a few grams more than current CDX sprockets due to a redesign of the sprocket interface.
Available for 2014 models, the new Gates cranks come attached to the front sprocket for easier installation and less sourcing of parts--simplifying assembly and saving valuable production time.
Working in mud is murder on dozer's sprocket bearings.
Available in stainless steel or plastic, Wire Belt's drive components are tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions such as abrasion, corrosion, high/low temperature variations, and all other conditions that have an impact on sprocket selection.
Manual or semi-automatic unloading is accomplished by fitting a tool into a sprocket of the hopper gate opener and turning it accordingly to open or close the hopper.
Meanwhile, the open design of its EZ Clean Sprocket provides greater inside reach for wash spray and its radinsed surfaces discouraged debris build up.
AGUA DULCE - At 3, Sprocket can sniff out flammable liquids from acres of charred debris.
Operating equipment with worn chain links will cause sprocket teeth to completely wear through roller sleeves, damaging the pins that connect chain links.
Wherever possible, drives are shaft mounted, which eliminates unnecessary sprocket and chain maintenance.