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a fore-and-aft sail extended by a sprit

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The hunters have experimented and practised with their rifles and shotguns till they are satisfied, and the boat-pullers and steerers have made their spritsails, bound the oars and rowlocks in leather and sennit so that they will make no noise when creeping on the seals, and put their boats in apple-pie order--to use Leach's homely phrase.
William Simmons and Cecelia Bowerman Fuglister, "House Music at the Fuglisters and How It Influenced Music Making in Woods Hole since 1942," Spritsail 7, no.
The Thames Sailing Barge Trust owns the wooden Thames spritsail barge CENTAUR built in Essex in 1895.
347411 Thames Sailing Barge Trust: restoration of bottom planking to spritsail barge ?
17 1,150 Howard de Walden family Property (Lady Howard de Walden) Owner of Spritsail