sprinkler system

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a system for extinguishing fires

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Contract notice: Requalification of pressurized gas tanks fitted to sprinkler systems of air navigation radar stations.
Mr Watts said Castle Park Primary School in Caldicot had been fitted with a sprinkler system as part of a refurbishment - but it hasn't been plumbed in because of the cost.
Smith, master sprinkler fitter for Vixen Fire Services Protection, which donated design, installation and consultation services for the sprinkler system, said he knows how important a sprinkler system can be.
Fire sprinkler systems work to suppress fires rapidly and effectively.
A home-based sprinkler system will immediately tackle a fire, cool hot toxic gases and prevent them from spreading by spraying water on it - for very little additional cost to the builder.
In its proposed rule, CMS estimated it would cost thousands of dollars to install a sprinkler system, depending on the size of the facility.
Thanks to rain sensors, you can now relax, knowing that your sprinkler system will shut down even when it drizzles.
The smoke activated the sprinkler system which suppressed the flames and Dewsbury firefighters then doused the blaze.
A popular trend among designers and building owners is to rely on a sprinkler system to prevent the development and movement of smoke, often assuming that the sprinklers nearly always activate satisfactorily.
It was rejected only because the British government, which was using it to store emergency food supplies, had installed a sprinkler system to protect valuable supplies against fire.
AP) -- State Fire Marshal Jim Narva thinks an automatic sprinkler system could have prevented a Northwest College dormitory fire from spreading beyond one room.
Nationalist Matheson has estimated the cost of installing a sprinkler system in an HMO at pounds 1500, but John Blackwood of the Scottish Association of Landlords told the committee the total bill could be as high as pounds 7000.
A state of the art fire safety sprinkler system, installed in January 2003, was subject to several weeks of designing and approval to ensure it complied with National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards.
Not one person has died in a house fire in a domestic property where a sprinkler system has been in place.
The National Fire Sprinkler Association says the recommended total homeowners' premium discount in most states for homes with a standard sprinkler system is 13 percent.