sprinkler system

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a system for extinguishing fires

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If the sprinkler system does not function properly, the safety of the crew is not guaranteed.
First, accurately measure the area where the sprinkler system will be installed.
Whilst it is difficult to say at this stage whether a sprinkler system would have prevented the significant loss of life that occurred, what is clear is that sprinkler systems give residents of high rise blocks time to evacuate in the event of fire.
But even though you might inspect your own sprinkler system often, some major problems are just not visible.
Recently, automatic fire sprinkler system has gained its important in hotels, motels, residential buildings and other similar institution.
In early August, Illinois State Fire Marshall, Larry Matkaitis, withdrew his request to mandate fire sprinkler systems in all commercial and residential high-rise buildings.
The trial court entered judgment for Travelers based on the endorsement requiring a functioning sprinkler system as a condition of coverage and evidence that no sprinkler system existed at the premises.
Mr Watts said: "I find it shocking that the council is not prepared to take advantage of the opportunity to put a sprinkler system in the whole school.
The sprinkler system in the Murrays' new home costs about $10,000, according to Tim Christie, New England territory manager for Viking SupplyNet, which donated the equipment.
A sprinkler system (or sprinklers, in brief) is a relatively complicated technical object that can fail in a variety of ways (modes).
The company introduced the industry's first branded fire sprinkler system designed specifically for homes in 2006.
Many, if not all, of these deaths and injuries could be prevented if people had a sprinkler system which would extinguish or control a fire thereby giving the occupier valuable, additional time to exit their home.
The proposed rule will require every long-term care facility to install "an approved, supervised automatic sprinkler system" in accordance with the 1999 edition of NFPA 13, "Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.
Thanks to rain sensors, you can now relax, knowing that your sprinkler system will shut down even when it drizzles.
The smoke activated the sprinkler system which suppressed the flames and Dewsbury firefighters then doused the blaze.