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mechanical device that attaches to a garden hose for watering lawn or garden

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According to the story, sprinklers will also be a "costly mistake".
He pointed out there had been no deaths from fires in buildings with sprinklers for at least the last five years and there is no evidence of sprinkler systems flooding apartment blocks.
First, accurately measure the area where the sprinkler system will be installed.
The Big Sprinkler has a cast aluminum body with steel components and brass fittings and weighs 11 pounds.
While we are all thankful that no one was injured in the dormitory fire at the State University of New York at Purchase earlier this month, the incident illustrates the pressing need to install appropriate sprinkler networks in each and every residential building on state university campuses," said Assemblyman Cahill.
Beginning in the 1980s, the first flexible sprinkler hoses were introduced in Japan.
Sprinkler irrigation systems have been widely employed due to the operational simplicity that this irrigation method offers.
As the heat from the fire rises and reaches the sprinkler's sensor, it activates the sprinkler, which sprays a mist of water directly onto the source of heat.
Oh, there was a fire at an apartment at the 10-unit facility and there was some damage to an apartment, but by the time firefighters arrived, the blaze was out because a single sprinkler head had been activated and doused the flames.
The uniformity of water application in a sprinkler irrigation system is an important aspect of the system performance [28].
A NEW campaign running this week is raising awareness about the benefits of sprinkler systems in fighting fires.
A NEW sprinkler scheme is aimed at to help protect people most at risk of fire across Merseyside.
Despite a five-year phase-in plan, more than 1,200 nursing homes are still not in complete compliance with the fire sprinkler regulations required for participation in the Medicare/Medicaid programs, according to the Centers for Medicare 8c Medicaid Services (CMS).