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Synonyms for springy

Synonyms for springy

capable of withstanding stress without injury

Synonyms for springy


(of movements) light and confidently active

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Amman, April 24 (Petra) -- A slight drop in temperatures is forecast Sunday, but it will remain mild and springy in the hilly areas, while it will be relatively hot in other parts of the Kingdom.
The presenters will also be launching the big BBC volunteering campaign - Springwatch: Do Something Great, with its own wildlife appeal, asking you to get out and sign up for some Springy activities, all designed to help our UK wildlife.
If you're seeking a pill-less way to reduce ADHD, prevent obesity, boost immune systems, and radically improve other health conditions in your young patients, order them to sit beside a rain-swelled creek, roll in the springy moss and myrtle beneath an old oak, or just lie in a meadow of wildflowers.
We're really pleased that families visiting the play area will get a colourful new springy surface particularly now that the weather is getting warmer and the park will be busy when summer comes around.
Springy I also like to give the stump a good bang on the ground.
A swimmer climbs a diving board in Beijing, does a springy dance on the
Bake for around 20 minutes until soft and springy to touch.
Key to the springy crust of a Ca' Momi pizza, says co-owner Dario De Conti, is the restaurant's big wood-fired oven.
Summary: The fountain is flowing, the bike path is paved, and the grass is springy and new.
And the ones who think: "Hmm, I bet that grass is nice and springy underfoot.
Technologists at the University of Pennsylvania have created 'RHex' and hope that it could one day climb rubble in emergency rescue situations or zoom across scorching desert sands with its six whirling, springy legs, CNN reported.
You want shoes that are durable, springy and offer support so you can avoid injuries like shin splints," advises Claire.
Graham Walkingshaw and his wife Tracey can't sit on their sofa without laughing - it makes a strange springy noise.
The "wooden trail" style playground at the National Trust-run property has zig-zag walkways, a mini suspension bridge, springy wobble board, swinging log walkway and rope walks and is already a big hit with children.
SPRINGY BONE/ELASTIC LAYER: The woodpecker has a springy hyoid bone that supports its tongue and evenly distributes loads (forces on a structure).