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a flexible board for jumping upward

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a beginning from which an enterprise is launched

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She added every new feature built into Springboard solves a specific member problem or improves a specific member experience.
The Springboard networking approach, in a confidential uplifting environment, means that Rolls-Royce's women employees benefit from the experiences of other women and, in particular, the guest speakers," she added.
The gala dinner also celebrated the progress and achievements of all Springboard participants and honoured Springboard's trainers who work alongside women through coaching, mentoring and facilitating an environment where women can reach their goals.
Since its launch in 2009, Springboard short films have screened at local and international festivals, winning a string of prestigious awards.
On receipt of the award, Heiko commented: "I am extremely honoured to accept this award from Springboard on behalf of Guoman & Thistle Hotels.
Springboard is the only holistic women's self-development programme of its kind in the region and has been tailored to meet the specific needs of women in the Arab world, they added.
Each year Wells enlists four or five companies, mostly Montreal-based, to set existing work on Springboard participants or create new pieces.
Opened almost two years ago, Springboard provides state-of-the-art incubator-style workspace for new and fledgling businesses.
The IG's July 2003 report says Springboard and another unidentified organization received more than $600,000, the proceeds from networking events organized or hosted by the National Women's Business Council; the IG says the funds belong to the government.
0, SpringBoard allows users to tap the power of the cloud, with such enhancements as:
com)-- While more than 35,000 women in Australia have now experienced the Springboard development programme, the programme's results are greater than mere numbers.
The British Council in Qatar and Qatari Businesswomen Association ( QBWA) hosted the Annual Gala Dinner of Springboard, the award-winning women's development programme.
This is where SpringBoard, a pre-AP college preparatory curriculum provided by the College Board, comes in.
Springboard was established last October in Gateshead to find more foster carers who could take in children with complex needs.