spree killer

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a serial killer whose murders occur within a brief period of time

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Spree killer Smith (36) was jailed for life in July for the murders of Jodie Hyde, Rosemary Corcoran and Carol Jordan.
One of the more sensational murders of the past decade--the slaying of the famed designer, which authorities determined was committed by Andrew Cunanan--took place on the steps of this block-wide Italianate mansion facing the beach, The mansion stands as a silent backdrop to a steady stream of gay tourists who pose on the steps, snap a photo, and then sheepishly take their leave, invoking the ghosts of both Versace and Cunanan, the accused spree killer who would ultimately off himself nearby,
When cops said the suspect was a gay prostitute spree killer who might have shaved his legs, plucked his eyebrows and put on a dress to escape detection, they shrugged.
When former professional surfer Robbins Thompson went on NBC's Dateline to talk about an infamous old pal, alleged spree killer Andrew Cunanan, waves of homophobia hammered him for days afterward at San Diego's beaches.
A spree killer kills a number of people at one time, such as Michael Ryan, who shot dead 16 people in Hungerford.
Take the handguns away and the potential spree killer will not have ready access to these most dangerous of weapons.
Some day, a spree killer will pick up a weapon and go looking for victims.
4 Unlike a serial killer, a spree killer may have no criminal record.
You are still far more likely to be run over by a bus than be shot by a spree killer.
He added: "A spree killer might have been bullied at school.
Terrorists and spree killers are resourceful and will find ways to overcome security measures," stated Ray Gilley, President and CEO of ISI Security.
Mallick said they're hard to categorize, and could be considered spree killers and serial killers depending on the definitions and their entire criminal history.
It is common for teen spree killers to take their own lives after they have achieved what they set out to do.
Spree killers tend to be male, but are also "very rare", he emphasised.
The landmark federal Assault Weapons Act was enacted in 1994 in response to an alarming trend of military style weapons being used by gangs, drug dealers and spree killers around the country.