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a style of dramatic vocalization between singing and speaking

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Sprechstimme in Arnold Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire; a study of vocal performance practice.
These are The Book of Ruth (1949) scored for four voices, a sprechstimme (speaking voice--a system introduced by Schoenberg), chorus and orchestra, The Book of Jonah (1951) and The Song of Songs (1954-55).
Thankfully Homer never appears in Wolfgang Petersen's Troy, twanging his lyre as historian-poet and giving us his bardic ode in Sprechstimme.
Bruach afirma que este ultimo recurso lo emplea Soler en su Edipo en los momentos de maxima tension como por ejemplo en la unica aparicion del coro en que combina el sprechstimme con el canto convencional.
The vocal range is huge -not that this troubled Miss Manning in the least -and there's a call for sprechstimme (almost reciting in a musical way),hissing, talking, whispering.
26) Samuel is listed in the company of such noted composers as Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, who have each explored the use of frame notation as a means of allowing the interpreter greater performance freedom, (27) Samuel's vocal music is often musically and vocally demanding; as Mabry says of Songs of Earth and Air: "There are ad lib sections, indeterminate pitches, proportional notation contained in boxes, numerous coloristic and expression markings, vocal glissandos, Sprechstimme, intoned speaking, an occasional straight tone, a bit of whispering, and some very slow glides between pitches.
A major vocal endowment is not required: Judi Dench's sprechstimme version, in a gorgeous Royal National Theater production from the mid-'90s, remains a high point of my theatergoing experience.
It Can't Happen Here" alternates between Sprechstimme, instrumental chamber music, contemporary jazz, and tape effects.
Solitary Hotel," to Joyce's spare text, was veritable sprechstimme as Hampson communicated it.
As performed by the multitalented Eckert - who skips effortlessly through an extraordinary repertoire of oral styles, from sprechstimme to song to blather - and by the Paul Dresher Ensemble - which ranges through a stunning acoustical spectrum of sounds - Ravenshead had its New York audience hanging on the edge of their seats.
The Conservatoire itself mounted at the Crescent Theatre an enthralling evening of Schoenberg devised and directed by Julian Jacobson, culminating in a gripping Pierrot Lunaire which left the sprechstimme soloist Helen Ducos visibly drained after her emotional recitations.
since 1933 (as an American citizen since 1941); the work was commissioned by the Koussevitzky Music Foundation and premiered by the Albuquerque Symphony; and the Sprechstimme narration, notated but essentially spoken-told from the perspective of a survivor of Treblinka (presumably) after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising-is predominantly in English, likely in a gesture toward intelligibility.
GL: You could say that, or you could say it's like Eric Dolphy, with those speechlike sounds, for which I made up a word based on Schoenberg's Sprechstimme [spoken voice]: Sprechspiel, a play-like voice, which I've now used in a lot of pieces.
Sometimes she was doing something more like sprechstimme, sometimes it was a bit of a croon, sometimes the sound seemed to be apt for a pop singer, sometimes boldly operatic.
Strategies vary: on "Alba," the clarinet takes a backseat, shading the vocal line; on "Finally a Valentine," the two parts have equal status; and "Daisy" features a burst of speedy Sprechstimme.