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a screen-oriented interactive program enabling a user to lay out financial data on the screen

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Based on the understanding or the purpose and use of the spreadsheet, Frequency or changes made to the spreadsheet, number of users and uses of spreadsheet outputs.
is a pioneering Market Leader in providing a complete range of Spreadsheet Control and Compliance solutions.
Users can now see their spreadsheet risk in the form of a workbook, website or PDF report and benefit from automated inventory reviews.
Other vendors, such as DevExpress and Spreadsheet Advantage, offer audit and control platforms for spreadsheets, he says.
asp), UK firms can quickly scan any and all network drives and content repositories to identify VAT related spreadsheets using an advanced pattern matching algorithm, and highlight any files with VAT values that require updating," said Dr.
Jeremy Wood, director and co-founder, Finsbury Solutions, comments: "Microsoft SharePoint is the system of choice for enterprise document management and collaboration and by enhancing Spreadsheet Workbench to seamlessly extend SharePoint's spreadsheet functionality, we have created a powerful solution for the management and control of business critical spreadsheets, from a single environment.
Spreadsheet control must be a process, not a one-time project, because spreadsheets are continuously being altered, and changes to a single data field inside a spreadsheet can have a profound ripple effect throughout an organization," says Paul Bach, CEO of Compassoft.
ESP facilitates the near elimination of spreadsheet risk in the enterprise computing environment, helping banks maintain control and full flexibility required for modeling complex financial structures.
The risks of noncompliance are powerful motivators for executives to take the time to educate themselves about the far-reaching consequences of spreadsheet errors and to learn about best practices in spreadsheet management and control.
The formula =RIGHT(B2,4) tells Excel to extract four characters (2003) from the right side of cell B2, creating a spreadsheet that resembles exhibit 3, below.
A spreadsheet schedule for calculating the decedent's share of income tax liabilities and refunds from a joint return.
Any data returned by the query can be manipulated with the same powerful spreadsheet features described above.
Spreadsheet cells are often used as variables to hold a value that may change over time and is used in other parts of the spreadsheet.
In the case of Quicksheet, however, this challenge is worth dealing with, for Quicksheet gives you an Excel-compatible spreadsheet program for the Palm OS: it's not read-only, like Documents To Go files are.