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defeat disastrously

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NORTH WEST players were upstaged by Yorkshire's John Sheehy in the Hulbert Trophy at Hopwood where his brilliant first round sixunder-par 66 spreadeagled the field.
Call out to your brother Snake to coil about and hold you, float you spreadeagled above this quicksand, protect and warm you against this sudden freeze.
40 Yarmouth SP forecast 1-2 Typical Sir Mark Prescott improver for being stepped up in trip and spreadeagled his field from the front at Nottingham last week, which made it two wins in three starts.
My daughter lived in Llanedeyrn and a chap used to pass with his Rottweiler, who would rush up to the pram with the baby in there and sniff around, with my daughter spreadeagled over the baby.
WASAN maintained the good run of his sire Pivotal as he spreadeagled his field in the Play Roulette At intercasino.
Chabal was left spreadeagled for a couple of minutes and referee Alain Rolland had no hesitation in showing a straight red card, which seemed a little harsh.
She looked the part and spreadeagled a field that included four previous winners.
SITTING DUCK was anything but as he spreadeagled the field in the WBX.
Hunter landed a fine drop goal and then Nutt spreadeagled the home defence for the only Waterloo try, converted by Hunter, to give them a 13-8 advantage at the interval.
There were about 100 people in handcuffs or spreadeagled on the ground as victims were led away.
Last week, there was Tommy at Faslane again, spreadeagled once more between two hefty bobbies, but smiling beatifically this time for the photographers as he was carted off to the sin bin.
Derby were light years ahead in technique and had an early effort by Sturridge ruled offside after they left the home defence spreadeagled.
Innuendo dripped from the lips of Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck and John Wayne, who said: "I'll have you spreadeagled on a wagon wheel.
The legal firm property manager from Aberdeen whipped the spreadeagled girl on her thighs and buttocks and sexually abused her.
But the former Olympic 10,000m champion spreadeagled the field from the beginning of the race and was never tested.