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an applicator resembling a gun for applying liquid substances (as paint) in the form of a spray

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Upgrading is as simple as attaching the 79-201 Industrial Swivel between a length of heavy duty hose and an industrial spray gun.
The spray gun has three settings: there's a jet spray for cleaning, a rose spray for a rainlike watering effect, and fast fill - which is a speedy way to refill your watering cans when you're doing the rounds.
The Global and Chinese Spray Gun Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global spray gun industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
It is also important to purchase a spray gun with a fan pattern adjustment knob, so as your part size varies, the operator can adjust the spray pattern height down to match the part size.
The choice of a liquid paint spray gun technology depends first and foremost on the type of paint.
4 Before using a spray gun, make sure to wear appropriate personal protection.
is said to be a rugged, full-size (23-oz) spray gun with stainless-steel fluid passages that are compatible with water-borne coatings.
The Bosch PFS 65 Fine Spray Gun is available from B&Q this month and from other retailers from September, costing around pounds 99.
Under the artist's guidance the lord mayor used a spray gun to apply the paint.
Black and white drawings illustrate spray gun components, delivery systems, electrostatic systems, rotary atomizers, proper spray stroke, booth design, and surface defects.
Also based on previous research, the method of application of the coating already had been optimized for use with a spray gun, dictating a pressure of 30 psi and a distance of about 1 ft.
The unnamed man's 15-year-old boy was wanted by London police after being caught at school with a spray gun, but was flown back to South Africa before he could be quizzed.
The spray gun was a huge hit with my three-year-old who thought the idea of having his own 'sun gun' was brilliant.
The Iowa Waste Reduction Center, at the University of Northern Iowa, has perfected a laser attachment to a spray gun that cuts costs, time and waste.
It was applied to clean molds using an HVLP spray gun with a .