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Synonyms for spray

Synonyms for spray

a sudden swift stream of ejected liquid

to eject or be ejected in a sudden thin, swift stream

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

Synonyms for spray

a pesticide in suspension or solution

Related Words

a quantity of small objects flying through the air

flower arrangement consisting of a single branch or shoot bearing flowers and foliage

a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

water in small drops in the atmosphere

a jet of vapor

Related Words

be discharged in sprays of liquid

scatter in a mass or jet of droplets

cover by spraying with a liquid

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With a choice of two Rain sprays on every model, users can now decide whether they want a Rain spray with or without air each time they take a shower, a statement said.
Improved polyester polyols for both HFC-245fa pour-in-place appliance insulation and pentane-blown panels and spray foams were discussed by Oxid L.
For adults, there's also Coppertone Continuous Sport Sunblock Spray SPF 30.
Using BD Field Spray or BD Compost Starter is the easiest way to get your garden growing, the biodynamic way.
No method exists to measure black liquor droplet size under in-furnace conditions, so we set out to devise a method to predict the droplet size from spray characteristics near the splashplate.
Food and Drug Administration seeking marketing approval for its aerosol lingual spray version of nitroglycerin under Section 505(b) (2) application that relies on data developed by NovaDel and historical data published in the literature.
The target of the spray is the primary cocaine ingredient coca, which may be interspersed with food-bearing crops.
Spray fireproofing, acoustical plaster, sprayed acoustical and thermal insulation, spray texturing and cementitious exterior walls are some of the most important special finishes that protect or solve problems in today's modern buildings.
Spray the inside surfaces and all rubber stops inside the ammunition tubes with SFL.
That is, while the process is categorized among the thermal spray processes--which are ordinarily thought of in the context of plasma spray, flame spray, or electric arc spray--a fundamental difference is that in the cold spray approach, the material that's being applied is not melted, not liquefied.
Carson also trumpeted studies of rats which suggested DDT was a liver carcinogen, and gathered anecdotal evidence of harm in human beings, like a farmer whose bone marrow wasted away after repeatedly inhaling a mixture of DDT and benzene hexachloride he used to spray his fields.
Below, I will discuss delivery of helicopters, aerial spray aircraft, and other equipment which is proceeding smoothly.
Their parents were told to administer a nasal spray twice daily for 10 days, beginning as soon as the antibiotic treatment had ended.
Along with enhancing the performance of automatic spray guns, the Auto Jet system is said to provide the convenience of a fully integrated spraying system at a cost-efficient price.
One of the main concerns revolves around more than 30 in-custody deaths in which an officer's use of OC spray to subdue a violent individual allegedly contributed to the death.