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Synonyms for spray

Synonyms for spray

a sudden swift stream of ejected liquid

to eject or be ejected in a sudden thin, swift stream

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

Synonyms for spray

a pesticide in suspension or solution

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a quantity of small objects flying through the air

flower arrangement consisting of a single branch or shoot bearing flowers and foliage

a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

water in small drops in the atmosphere

a jet of vapor

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be discharged in sprays of liquid

scatter in a mass or jet of droplets

cover by spraying with a liquid

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References in classic literature ?
The hours struck clear in the cabin; the nosing bows slapped and scuffled with the seas; the fo'c'sle stovepipe hissed and sputtered as the spray caught it; and the boys slept on, while Disko, Long Jack, Tom Plait, and Uncle Salters, each in turn, stumped aft to look at the wheel, forward to see that the anchor held, or to veer out a little more cable against chafing, with a glance at the dim anchor-light between each round.
I lay upon my face and peered over with the spray spouting up all around me.
The seaman shaded his eyes with his hand, and gazed earnestly through the haze and spray.
Not for Dan the bother of filling his basket with the loose sprays, mingled with feathery elephant's-ears and trails of creeping spruce, as the rest of us, following the Story Girl's example, did.
The surf was breaking fearfully on the coast, and the spray was carried over a cliff estimated to 200 feet in height.
There was a splash of spray or raindrops against the window and through the crack in the door.
Sometimes, indeed, none too soon; for one reef was so close on the brig's weather board that when a sea burst upon it the lighter sprays fell upon her deck and wetted us like rain.
The way grew severer, and several times the clefts they essayed extended down to the ocean level and spouted spray from the growling breakers that burst through.
Clinging precariously, the men descended their side till the spray was flying about them.
Jerry seemed to be quite as happy as I was; he sat down by a bank under a shady tree, and listened to the birds, then he sang himself, and read out of the little brown book he is so fond of, then wandered round the meadow, and down by a little brook, where he picked the flowers and the hawthorn, and tied them up with long sprays of ivy; then he gave me a good feed of the oats which he had brought with him; but the time seemed all too short -- I had not been in a field since I left poor Ginger at Earlshall.
Heavy sprays enveloped the Nan-Shan from stem to stern, and instantly in the midst of her regular rolling she began to jerk and plunge as though she had gone mad with fright.
When he ventured to blink hastily, he derived some moral support from the green gleam of the starboard light shining feebly upon the flight of rain and sprays.
With a choice of two Rain sprays on every model, users can now decide whether they want a Rain spray with or without air each time they take a shower, a statement said.
Improved polyester polyols for both HFC-245fa pour-in-place appliance insulation and pentane-blown panels and spray foams were discussed by Oxid L.