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a person who sprawls

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Eventually a fig with no restriction can reach about 30ft and is a bit of a sprawler reaching about half that in ten years or so, but if you have the room, it makes an impressive, small tree.
It's not clear exactly when they acquired it, or how much the couple paid for the suburban McMansion-sized 8th-floor sprawler, an epic amalgamation of four contiguous apartments that totals more than 7,500 square feet, with unobstructed city views and an unprecedented 165 feet of scenic Central Park frontage.
skanbergii is a sprawler that grows to 3 feet inland, taller near coast.
A kooky, barrel-vaulted breezeway connects the gated driveway to the slightly more than 4,200-square-foot, single-story sprawler that's derived of no particular architectural vernacular, at least as far as this property gossip can tell.
Long scarlet tubes-especially attractive to hummingbirds--bloom from late summer into winter on this sprawler.
Burke and wife Gretchen, parents to five, also own a four-unit combination, park-view sprawler in a distinguished building on New York City's Upper West Side that they acquired in three separate transactions in 2011 for a total outlay of $16.
It is a bit of sprawler so if you like your gardens regimented with every plant standing to attention, neatly trimmed and in its place, it is not for you.
The multilevel and multi-winged sprawler comes in at just under 7,100 square feet, per listing details, with five bedrooms and 7.
Mister Grey--the chairman and CEO of Paramount and Brad Pitt's partner at Plan B--and his currently preggers second missus, pixie-haired beauty and style-maven Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, acquired the nearly 3,000-square-foot sprawler in late 2011 for $15.
28-acre parcel in 2004, on which he custom built a single-story sprawler of nearly 13,000-square-feet that's currently listed at $8,495 million.
Therefore, the mature nymphs of Africocypha varicolor were more of sprawlers that lie in ambush or stalk their prey at the water bottom.
I haven't been drawn to any of the big sprawlers, as I call them, but there has been a project I have been developing for a TV lm for the last lm for the last four years, I have taken it very slowly and I am still working on it.