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small fatty European fish

small herring processed like a sardine

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Ingredients 2kg (5 medium) floury baking potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced; 4 large cloves garlic, minced; 2 onions, peeled and sliced very thinly; 275ml single cream, 100ml full milk 100ml double cream 2x125g tins Swedish sprats (or 1 tin anchovies), drained 2 handfuls fresh white breadcrumbs A pinch of allspice.
On Thursday, Naydenov has told Damanaki that Bulgaria will put even more efforts in preventing the illegal fishing of turbot and sprat.
Jack Sprat was taken in by animal lovers Adam and Sue Forrest, who read our report of the three-year-old's plight and leapt into action.
Christy added: "It sounds like a hazardous job, as sometime they could give a little bit of a nip but they''re quite gentle, we hadn''t anticipated the rearing of these babies being quite so labour-intensive, but we''re confident once they move onto chopped sand eel and sprat we''ll soon get them feeding for themselves.
John Williams used a sprat for bait when he fished Dolygaer and it was taken by a 13.
The EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council will increase the cod-fishing quota for Estonia in the Baltic sea while reducing the Baltic herring and sprat quota, reports LETA.
Dishes include flounder, herring, cod, eel and grilled sprat.
Ahmed Nabil El Ezabi, Amal Mohammed Janahi, Ayoob Yousif Alawadhi, Jameel M Ali Al Mahoozi, Jehan Abdulmajeed Hassan Al Obaidli, Khulood Al Samaheji, Krzysztof B Popiol, Mahmood Haji Akbar Al Shehabi, Maher Ibraheem Almarhoon, Manhal Radhi Ameen Jawad Al Alawi, Mamdouh A El Sherbiny, Mohammed Essa Hassan Al Gassab, Michael Kieran Sprat, Moinuddin Qureshi, Nader Ali Al Qassab, Praveen Sasidharan, Purab Gajaria, Reema Mahdi Bushehri, Sayed Mohammed Abbas Hassan Al Sharaf, Seema S Ahmed, Tamer Magdy Khedr, Walid Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Abuzaid and Zeyad Abdulaziz Janahi.
The sprat season kicks off in the south west of England this month.
The fishing party's report said: "Six months on Taransay and we've not caught Jack Sprat.
Ben tried a sprat and Jeff with the cut-off tail of a mackerel.
Thus Thomas Sprat worried that astrology "withdraws our obedience from the true Image of God [and] affects men with fears, doubts, irresolutions, and terrors.
The review that the Prime Minister has set up is more of a sprat to catch a mackerel, as it will have no power to compel witnesses and, as the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has said, the names won't be published because they will be prevented from doing so by the Data Protection Act," she added.
Jack Sprat and his missus approaching at one-o''clock.
Another whiting hot spot is Friars Point at Barry, where anglers casting out lugworm, mackerel or sprat baits have been getting a bite almost every time and there are also cod to 3lb to add variety.