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Circumstances in which respondents in spousal relationship experienced been physically forced to sex when not wanted was almost equally distributed being 53.
One such relationship is the Israeli Reputed Couples (Yedu'im baTzibur), which is a de facto relationship between people of the same or opposite sex (23) who have been in a spousal relationship (though not necessarily a sexual one (24)) for a certain amount of time.
The final Part III describes the content of the spousal relationship as conveyed through legal rules and doctrines within the law of wills and estates.
Interventions specifically addressing the quality of the spousal relationship in ageing caregiver/care-recipient couples are noticeably absent from the literature (Whitlatch, 2001).
The appellate court reversed, finding that the allegations supported a theory of liability based on voluntary undertaking and that the spousal relationship qualified as a "special relationship" so as to support a claim based on transferred negligence.
She articulates the challenges all married couples face while at the same time offering concrete suggestions to enhance our spousal relationship within a sacramental marriage.
Within tax and welfare legislation "families" are not generally recognised as such, but are defined in terms of two key relationships, being the spousal relationship and the parent/child relationship.
Moving from the usual spousal relationship to a caregiver relationship was a major adjustment in these individuals' lives.
Thus his salary was compensation for work he had actually performed and it did not result from his spousal relationship.
In contrast, family members rated the spousal relationship as the most important (31%) with parental role a close second (29%).
Sexual assault can occur without regard to gender or spousal relationship or age of victim.
Sexual assault can occur without regard to gender, spousal relationship or age of the victim.
But the serenity of this natural, mutual self-giving spousal relationship, and the relationship with God, are ruptured by Original Sin.
Within the immediate period following the Restoration, their allusions to spiritual work are meticulous, yet many beliefs they explain have long histories, specifically the metaphor of spiritual warfare and the spousal relationship of Christ and the church.
have a 50% likelihood of living in a spousal relationship with a Canadian-born person within five years of coming to Canada.