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The three performance testing methods include 1) the use of calibrated samples, 2) comparisons with actual spot-welds, and 3) a performance evaluation of the embedded fitting software.
Testing involves a combination of three methods: 1) The use of calibrated samples, 2) the use of a repeatability analysis on actual spot-welds, and 3) performance evaluation of the fitting algorithms used in the device.
The numbers of spot-weld in foam-filled spotwelded columns are optimized by two methods.
In this paper, crashworthiness optimization of spot-welded columns was studied when no spot-weld failure occurred.
The numbers of spot-weld in spot-welded columns are obtained by this method.
10 and 11 show the variation of SEA and peak crushing load with the number of spot-weld.
In case of manual welding the strength of spot-welds is dependent on the following factors: preparation of the connective components (elimination of paints, primers and corrosion), intensity of the welding current and of course the level of qualification of the welder [11].
Experimental testing of the strength of spot-welded connections showed that the critical axial force at the manually welded spot-welds is reduced to 4.
Alcan worked with GM to develop innovative techniques to stamp, paint and spot-weld panels in this complex, high-volume assembly - the first aluminum liftgate designed and built in North America.
These platforms and their protruding nails and sharp edges puncture the roof skin, and allow much heavier loads which cause the foam bonding between the outer roof and the inner ceiling to separate and eventually destroy the supporting spot-welds.
Using open literature and in-house fatigue test data, the fatigue life curves of resistance spot-welds for several steels in the lap-shear geometry were compared and normalized.